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Our journey so far...

Click on the photo gallery below and you'll see a journey that has taken us from making simple movies with my kids all the way to the red carpet! Here's the story in a nutshell:

When my kids were little we had a cabin in the woods. We had no phone, TV or wifi. This was a great way to force us to use our imaginations for fun. So we started making movies as a cure to "cabin fever." Our early creations feature fairly low quality footage  as they were filmed with our  crummy flip phones. But as these films became family treasures, and our fan-base grew, we began improving the production values a little bit each time. In 2014 Northwest Christian School reached out to me for help in their fine arts program. We decided to do something schools just don't do: make a movie. Not only did we make a movie but we built a film festival around it and invited students to create their own films as well. This was the start of a fantastic partnership between Cabin Fever and Northwest Christian to make original films written, produced and directed by Damon Evans and featuring Northwest Christian students and faculty. The NXNW Film Festival is growing rapidly with sponsors such as PureFlix Entertainment and Biola University. As a filmmaker, my ambition is to entertain an audience through great stories and bless them at the same time with little nuggets of truth along the way. We are so thankful for the journey God has taken us thus far and we are on the edge of our seats to see what next adventure he has in store!

Damon Evans on the red carpet
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